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Our GEN-EYE Camera with locator is a real money saver for clients with drainage problems on their property. Would you want to dig up all of your yard looking for a problem? You can ruin gardens, sidewalks, driveways or you can just call us to locate the problem with our Gen-eye.

We won’t disturb anything on the surface of your property.

We can extend our camera to 120 feet and go down as far as 15 to 20 feet to look at your drainage pipe. We also have a smaller camera to use for smaller drains in your home.

We have excellent availability for our camera use and trained technicians to walk you through your property and show you first hand where the problems are. Whether your pipe has collapsed from age, or is overgrown with tree roots or is broken in places we can let you know, and you can see the problem yourself on the camera screen.

We can also send photo shots to your computer of what the problems are for you to keep or give to any interested parties.(i.e. insurance companies or renovation companies)

Please call us for all your drainage issues. We can limit the ground disturbance to your property, so you will know exactly where to hand dig or use the backhoe. We can get right to bottom of the problem in a short period of time.

We have all the drain auger equipment necessary to clean out any sized drain, from perimeter drain to sewer drain.

Call 250-723-1055 For a Team That Takes The Pain Out Of Plumbing Problems.

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